RESPECT YOUR ELDERS especially your in-laws


Please read slowly & carefully….


Listen 👂 ur elders advice not coz dey r always right coz they have more EXPERIENCE of being WRONG…….


We should learn frm em coz dey hv ridden the road b4 us & became old & wise…dey were YOUNG & STUPID just like US & dey survived to tell abt it.


RESPECT your elderly when you are YOUNG
HELP them when they are WEAK
ADMIT your mistakes when you are WRONG        because
One day YOU  will grow OLD become WEAK & expect others to show you some RESPECT…..
I know we all know this but are we really applying it in our lives… ASK YOURSELF…. you expect ur partner to respect ur family 👪 but have you ever respected their family as you want yours to be respected ?? Think… Your partner is your partner afterwards but before that he/she is somebody’s son/daughter ; brother/ sister….. We don’t have the rights to question our elders but they do have the right….if dey don’t respect you , u just hold ur tongue & leave their sight… GOD sees all & he will see ur goodness too.
But for god sake RESPECT YOUR ELDERS…

Remedy for cold & cough for babies , kids , toddlers & adults too….

My 3 years old daughter was suffering from chronic cold & cough. On my visit to the doctor he advised me not to give milk to the baby.
OMG a big problem in front of me as she was used to have milk as her main feed. Then I remembered what my grandmother used to give me when I was a child. So, I thought to give it a try & you all will not believe that it worked wonders. Moreover being a substitute for milk it helped her heal from cold & cough.
Then I remembered an advertisement” भलाई is a full time job तो चालू रखो supply.”. So, I am here with this blog to share with you all the recipe of that magic potion.

Take a half cup of water & mix half a cup of milk in it. Place it on the cooking burner. Now put a teaspoon of sugar, 1 cardamom ( छोटी इलायची), a pinch of nutmeg ( जयफल) powder, a pinch of carom ( अजवायन), a basil ( तुलसी ) leaf, little bit of crushed ginger & 1 black pepper ( कालि मिर्च) seed. Now bring it to boil. Once boiled add half a teaspoon of tea leafs & let it simmer it for another 2-3 minutes. Now strain it & drink it. It will give instant relief to the throat & its infection.

It has no side effects on the kids. Please do give in a try & let me know by leaving inyour comments that whether it worked or not.

Sky Lounge Bar & Grill……. The Royal Plaza Hotel @ 19 Ashoka Road

part 4 sky lounge bar & grill 1 part 3 part2 sky lounge bar & grill 1A new hotspot to try in Delhi…..where you can enjoy variety of drinks & beverages at the lounge

Situated on the the top floor of THE ROYAL PLAZA hotel….the cafe is divided between two interconnected spaces – THE MOON BAR & THE PRESEDENTIAL LOUNGE…….The lounge provides a 360 degree view of the famous landmarks in the city. With advanced viewing telescope , people can have a look at the JANTAR MANTAR, LOTUS TEMPLE, INDIA GATE, RASHTRAPATI BHAWAN &QUTUB MINAR from here. It’s basically inspired from the open sky.